Saturday, 9 October 2010

Kite Surfer

This afternoon Portland Coastguard MRCC took several separate 999 calls from members of the public concerned for the safety of a kite surfer at Knoll Beach, Studland who had got into difficulties.

The IRT was tasked at 16:03 to attend. A passing dinghy provided assistance until Swanage ILB were able to come alongside in an attempt to secure the casualty and take him to shore. The casualty stated that he was not in danger and refused assistance from the RNLI and refused to give details to the HM Coastguard team claiming that Britain was a 'nanny state', and that we had wasted time and money, and that there was recession.......

The assessment from the experienced lifeboat crew was that the kite surfer, who was surfing alone, was in serious difficulty and did require immediate assistance. It would appear that the chap was supremely overconfident in his own kite surfing ability and did not appreciate the danger that he was in.

The lifeboat crew and the coastguard team left the chap to consider whether his behavior and demeanor was appropriate given we are voluntary emergency workers; who in the case of the RNLI crew, had put themselves  in harms way in order to assist.

On the way back to the station a 'giggle' of kids playing on the beach gave us a wave and a 'Hello Mr Coastmen', which made it a worthwhile trip after all! Never been called that before!

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