Thursday, 7 October 2010

7th October

The 7th of October..........a difficult day for me, on one hand it should be a special day as its the anniversary of me starting in the Coastguard but its over shadowed by the loss of Spike one of the team six years ago.

This year it is my 20th year of service so it is special, we started with a visit to Dumpton School Wimborne (where lifeboat blog is a teacher so you can see why we were invited!)
Several school groups later, several bacon sandwiches later and a smashing lunch, it was back to Swanage and a visit to the cemetery and remember Spike.

Just as I was putting the MRU away in the station, the air ambulance was circling the station looking for somewhere to landing, finding it in Days Park I then took the two paramedics to the incident they were sent to.

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