Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Receiver of Wreck

The main task of the Receiver of Wreck is to process incoming reports of wreck in the interest of both salvor and owner. This involves researching ownership, liaising with the finder and owner and other interesting parties.

The above is taken from the main MCA website on the role of the Receiver of Wreck, a role that comes under the MCA.

We actually met the Receiver of Wreck (RoW) in the early part of the year and she has a most interesting role.

What people do not know is that you can not only face a large fine for removing items from the coast or sea but also massive clear up costs.

There is a correct procedure to follow if you find something or a wreck, there may be an owner to that item and its the role of the RoW to establish ownership and then compensate the finder (in its simplest terms). You can not just remove something as this could be theft, also having claimed salvage on something the salvor could be liable for any clear up costs which could run into thousands of pound (don't forgot environmental damage etc!)

Today the IRT were tasked to enquiry about reports of the recent yacht that was lost on Peveril Ledge that had been partly recovered and this may have been contrary to the insurance company (the owner of the vessel) instructions.

Our advice is to tread very carefully, the law is quite strict (especially following the Napoli incident). It used to be considered that items washed up were there for the finder , times have changed and findings must be reported.

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