Sunday, 10 October 2010

Call the Coastguard

Disappointing to read Deputy Blog’s post about the kite surfer yesterday. Particularly as I was with my family near the Lifeboat station as the alarm was raised, and we watched as the crewmen arrived, launched the boat and headed off towards Studland. Across town, I knew that the same would be going on at the Coastguard station – the IRT would be on site, taking details of the emergency and getting the MRU out of the garage and on the road. Through my pager I heard the lifeboat exchanging details with Portland, and then our own ‘Swanage Mobile’ also on-line, and it made me feel proud to belong to this dedicated band of volunteers.

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know. But, if several members of the public all called the coastguard, then I think the kite surfer really was in difficulty – even if he didn’t recognise it himself, so despite his reaction well done to them for calling. And well done to the lifeboat chaps and the IRT for responding.

As always, the message is If you are in distress, or if you see someone in difficulty, or who even appears to be in difficulty at sea and around our coastline, DIAL 999 and ask for the COASTGUARD.

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