Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A year on

Today is one year on from the start of the new building (can we still call it new?)

Exactly one year ago today, the contractors turned up and put the fencing up to start the project.

How time flies but we move on and hopefully over the winter there will be some minor things done to the station to improve it even further.

The toilets although nothing to do with the Coastguard other than being part of the building need to be resolved and we shall be pressing the relevant people so we don't get the mess we have been have around the back of the building.

The garage floor will hopefully be coated with a resin so it can be swept or washed out, and then some minor repairs here and there.

One thing we have noticed is the number of visitors we get popping in which is great, no one ever came in at Peveril Point, perhaps the recycling site has its advantages up there???

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