Sunday, 20 September 2009

Location Location Location...

Popped over to Haying Island the other day, a place near Portsmouth. Went down to the seafront and saw the Coastguard Station. A great location but looks like the building gets a battering; mmm a lick of paint is defo needed.

Still it’s sat right on the beach, they have a purpose built bar-b-que outside, a choo choo train that runs alongside …..and the best bit…. their own fish and chip shop.

Told you it was a great location location location.

Tomorrow’s blog will be on plumbing…yes plumbing. Namely how to fit a new bathroom. It appears from a 9.00am text from team member Terry that he is having difficulties in the waterworks department... well fitting a new bathroom himself. In fact from his text it sounded like there might be a catastrophic failure of his patience at about 11.00, followed by water squirting out everywhere and the kitchen ceiling collapsing.
So compression joints -versus- push fit -versus- solder joints will be tomorrows discussion topic.

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