Monday, 7 September 2009

Toffee Crisp and Training

Ian has eaten all the Toffee Crisps – the evidence is in his draw. He claims we have ‘stitched him right up’ but that defence is hardly likely to stand up in court. We are now re-thinking whether we actually have the right man when it comes to the Subway Sandwich Monster.

It might be that Ian conveniently ‘found’ the empty subway wrappers after eating them himself and has tried to unfairly pin the blame on poor Austen.

The plot thickens…..

Meanwhile summer is over…. we thinks?! The jobs normally tail off now, but we’ll see.

This will hopefully leave time to find a new Coastguard Rescue Officer and train them over the autumn and winter months in time for next season…..oh …and the team to refresh cliff rescue skills and first aid.

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