Monday, 21 September 2009

Helicopter Medivac 6-versus-60

A busy Sunday across the sector for HM Coastguard.

Firstly Swanage Team were called out to Dancing Ledge to assist with a walker who had fallen badly and suffered head injuries. As a precaution South West Ambulance asked that he was flown by Coastguard Helicopter Rescue-104 To Poole.

Later in the day the Lulworth Team dealt with a rock fall in the cove that badly injured two children. A Coastguard Helicopter and Dorset Air Ambulance were again in action.

We hope all involved make a full and speedy recovery.

What both these accidents demonstrate is how vital the helicopter is, providing quick 'medivac' to hospital. The chap who fell at Dancing Ledge was at the Whitecliffe landing site to be met by Poole Coastguard within 6 minutes and in Poole Accident and Emergency a few minutes later. It would have taken us twenty minutes at best to get him to the top of the cliff and then 10 minutes to get the ambulance over the rough ground before the 30 minute trip to Poole.

6 minutes versus 60 minutes – with a head injury time is crucial.

Above: Rescue 104 at Ballard Down last year.

Medivac / Medevac :- Medical Evacuation.

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