Thursday, 3 September 2009

Podcast Video 3 – Mud Rescue

…and another one. (Although we don’t do mud!)

Above: PR Event

“Coastguard Rescue Officers are volunteers who serve HM Coastguard. They give their time and skills to provide a coastal emergency response service. In this podcast we see a team putting their training to use in a mud rescue exercise.”

Mud Rescue:

Are you interested in being a Coastguard Rescue Officer? You could learn a range of new skills and gets specialist training in a variety of search and rescue methods which depends on the needs of your local area. The role of helping people can be physically and emotionally demanding, but very rewarding. So being able to work under pressure and as part of a team are vitally important.

If you are interested in joining the Coastguard Rescue Service, or if you have questions about what it means to be a Coastguard Rescue Officer, then you should contact your local Coastguard Sector Manager, or Station Officer.

If you are interested and would like more details please email us at:-
With your name, address and a contact number and we will give you a ring to discuss.


Anonymous said...

Any plans to get a hovercraft for mud rescue, like the smaller Hov Pod type?

Deputy Blog said...

Tell you what, we'll do a blog about that. I think the RNLI have one in Morecombe Bay.