Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Whats going on?

Well I'm pleased to report not a lot! Now the children have returned to school, visitor numbers have dropped away and with this strong easterly blowing in Swanage, a lot of boats have taken shelter away from Swanage.

Else where there was an incident in Poole Harbour last night with two boats hitting each other, thankfully that wasn't as serious as 1st thought.

But you never know so work continues and it means a return to the paper work side of the Coastguard, and do they like paperwork!

Austen has just finished the "Coastguard of the year award" so hopefully that will be attached to the wall in the next few days.

So sorry to the regular readers......I'm doing as much as I can to find something to write about but there isn't.

I shall ask Tom, "mystic meg/grim reaper" Simmons when our next incident will occur and will update you all.

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