Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Swanage Subway Sandwich Monster ...Caught Red Handed

Readers from yesterday will know about our monster mystery. Sadly Scooby Doo was not available (Partly due to possible copyright infringement) so we’ve had to solve this one ourselves.

We set a trap last night – A ‘Sub of the Day’, a 12” Meatball Mariana with drink, was left resting on the front step. This morning it was gone….only a wrapper left, along with a dollop of mayonnaise and a smidgeon of lettuce.

Ian nervously checked back the recording on the video cameras sited around the back of the station and we think we might just have caught him.

Yes readers, we have a photo of the Swanage Subway Sandwich Monster making his escape.....

Above:-The Swanage Subway Sandwich Monster hot footing it across the Ulwell Stream.

We are obviously looking for a big, hairy chap.

Well it’s not me for starters
It’s not got a scooter – so it ain’t Ian
It’s not covered in paint – so it ain’t Tom
It’s not on a bike – so it ain’t Paul Brown

Must think harder.

It’s not in an ambulance – so it ain’t Paul Brassington
It’s not racing around at 100mph – so that’s Mr Bentham ruled out
It’s not on a boat - so it ain’t Steve


It’s not playing golf, badly - so it ain’t Eric
It’s not with a young lady, - so that’s Rid ruled out
It’s not wearing a leather biker hat with studs and a chain?!- so it ain’t Brian, or big Brian
It’s definitely not wearing my coat – so it ain’t that rascal Terry either.

I’ve run out of suspects

…..oh no… there is one chap that fits the bill!

The Abominable AusMonster!

Disclaimer: There are lots of nice takeaways in Swanage, including other specialist sandwich shops.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta be Austin or Garath