Thursday, 6 August 2009

Our Terry

Many locals will know 'our Terry', well in about a week Terry will be hanging up his Paramedic uniform for the last time after 29 years service.

Just after this photo was taken we were working together again on Studland beach with a male with chest pains.

Its thanks to Terry we are skilled to deal with incidents like that, giving us confidence to get 'stuck in', and making the casualty comfortable until the paramedics arrive.

So it was special that as usual when working with Terry, there is only one way to go.....that's upwards. Terry has a special hand signal when he wants the casualty to be flown to hospital and this is something we will miss.

On a busy Sunday afternoon, clearing a large patch of beach for the Air Ambulance to land is not easy, but another little plan we had worked on over the last few months with the National Trust came into being......job done

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