Monday, 10 August 2009

...or perhaps it is hard work. WARNING UXB!!

Austen and Tom were called to an unexploded bomb (UXB), found by a family in the dunes at Studland on Sunday. A safety cordon was put in place and the Bomb Disposal chaps called. (Royal Logistics Corps)

A full team page was actioned in order that the area could be propely secured before the ordnance was safely destroyed. This involved 8 team members, the National Trust Wardens and the Police Helicopter. We then sat and waited....and waited

Click to view video.

You'll have to excuse the shoddy camera work, the noise in the background is the Police Helicopter.

Once the ordnance was detonated and area checked, we were safe to have a look at the hole! Here's Rid checking it out.

......and then we went home.

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