Friday, 21 August 2009

The Roar on the Shore (The Bore on the Shore?)

The Roar on the Shore was billed as a World Record Attempt to set off 110,000 fireworks in 60 seconds. These were to be fired from a barge moored off Bournemouth Pier.

A load of us Coastguards, Lifeboats chaps and our families set off to watch this firework extravaganza from the cliffs. This would be good!

Now as it was for charity, I shall be kind. Far kinder than I should be.

It was rubbish. Sorry to say, from were we were standing at ‘Old Harry Rocks’ it was (very) rubbish. There was a flash, and what appeared to be a boat on fire for 3 seconds and the some smoke. Yup that was it.

To be fair I’ve saw a bigger flash and a bang when our oven blew up last year.

Still at least the charity benefited.

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Julian Sawyer said...

We were up on Ballard hoping to get a few good shots. Stayed until about 10.30 just in case the burning barge wasn't the main event.
We didn't see a Lion in the fireworks, but we did see a Rabbit in the Gorse.