Saturday, 15 August 2009

Training ...and a Cold Beer to Finish

Training on Thursday night involved practicing stake holdfasts and a herringbone holdfast.

This is a complicated way of securing the ropes using smaller stakes where the cliff is to rocky to put the large stakes in. The herringbone pattern distributes the load and in reality it is actually a very secure holdfast despite the stakes only being 15cm into the ground; very effective but time consuming to put in.

Then the lifeboat chaps turned up (Dan, Darren, Deasy and Gav) for a bit of banter, watching and teasing one of their colleagues whose engine had failed as he traversed Peveril Ledge in small boat. Poor chap trying to restart his boat while coastguard and lifeboat teams both watched on shouting helpful comments down the mobile phone and waving at him.

Afterwards it was up to Terry’s place for a cold beer/soft drink and some nibbles to celebrate his retirement from the Ambulance Service. His front lounge was full of Ambulance, Police and Coastguards. The neighbours must have been wondering what was going on.

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