Sunday, 16 August 2009



“Did I tell you I’ve got a new iPhone?” said Terry flashing his snazzy new gadget about.
“Have you?” said I, knowing perfectly well that he had because he told me ten minutes previously and ten minutes previously to that.

“Do you want to know the weather in Honolulu? If you did just ask and I’ll look it for you on my new iPhone with embedded 3G internet.”

You see Terry knows that I should love an iPhone but that I haven’t quite got to the procurement stage yet. He’s also a great wind-up-merchant.

“It takes photos too!...and music…and…and…and.”

In my house I have to get the boss (the wife) to agree before I can purchase one. She says I can have one only if my old one breaks. Well I’ve kicked it down the stairs, dropped it in the sea and sat on it, but it keeps working (that’s the phone not the wife)…so for now I’ll have to wait.

“…or the price of fish in Hong Kong, I can definitely find that out for you now on my new iPhone! with embedded 3G internet”

Embedded 3G Internet… It’ll be an embedded iPhone soon Terry ;-) !!

I’m only envious.

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