Saturday, 23 March 2013

What a plank

Just as we had finished today's patrol, we were tasked to search for a large piece of wood reported in the water. The member of the public was concerned it would be a hazard to shipping so Portland Coastguard wanted it checked out.

After a short search the offending item was located in the water just by the pier, in fact it looked like it had come from the pier.

Due to the conditions and safety concerns we have been unable to recover the 15ft beam but hopefully it will come ashore later and be returned to the pier.

Of course if we had a boat hook, we could of used that to help recover it

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John B said...

There was a Harpoon & firing gun from an old whaleing ship for sale on "e-ba*" the other day, maybe the person who lost the boat hook could put a bid in for it. Just think, you could recover items from the sea without getting your feet wet ever again!!! It would look quite cool bolted down in the coastguard trailer. There could also be a list of other uses(rebelling pirates off Swanage?)