Sunday, 24 March 2013

Poole Team play in our mud

The chaps from Poole popped over yesterday to have a look at our mud and Landslip.

The last few days weather has again changed things down on the cliff with more washed down. The beach has also changed shape due to the easterly winds we have had for a few weeks.

The Poole team are a full mud rescue team and in theory would be tasked to assist us with anyone trapped until the Agency has reviewed our status in this area.

So we decided to have a little practice, wearing a dry suit and special boots, our man from Poole had a walk around the slip to show us how it all works. Yes it's still very soft and if we get more rain the risk of getting trapped increases.

Please stay out of the mud and certainly do not carry out your own tests on the mud, leave that one to us.

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