Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ian Brown DIP

The boss was away yesterday so we went mad and opened a packet of biscuits at the Coastguard Station.

It appears he has only gone an got himself a Diploma in Life Long Learning, or 'teaching' as it used to be called. So off he went on a jolly to pick up his certificate.  It's a proper one, not one of those you get on the back of Kellogg's' Cornflake* packets.

(He actually worked damn hard at it - no really he did).

Ian picking up his Diploma - at sunset outside Fawley Oil Refinery.
Well done Ian!

*Other own brand corn flake based cereals are available at local supermarkets, but they don't taste as nice. 

1 comment:

John B said...

Congrats & well done Ian.
Does this mean you now have letters after your name? Will there be a name plaque on the station officers door soon!!