Saturday, 16 March 2013

Swanage Coastguard

We're about to change our logo on Facebook and this Blog. 

Apparently our 'New Media Officer' at HQ says we are not allowed to use the colour HMCoastguard crest - above (i.e the HMCoastguard Flag) because all official logos have to now be in black and white - below.

From of the Official Site.

I understand the Government have done this at a national level to reduce the colour printing costs on letters, publications etc. across all UK Government departments. Swanage Coastguard's  continued use of the colour logo on the blog and Facebook is unacceptable as it will confuse you.

If we don't then we have to close our Facebook account and this blog. 

Anyway, instead of the colour HMCoastguard Crest (i.e. the HMCoastguard Flag) we will opt to take a picture of the flag at the station, which just happens to have a colour HMCoastguard Crest on it. 

Oh, and we have also been asked to point out that we are Swanage Coastguard and NOT the Official UK HM Coastguard webpage / blog / facebook page. I know it can be very confusing so to avoid any further trouble we're opting to continue to call our website / blog / facebook page - 'Swanage Coastguard'. 

Please accept our sincere apologies for any confusion. 

If you do want to find out more about HM-Coastguard please go to the Department of Transport webpage and find the Maritime and Coastguard Agency page and then the HMCoastguard page. For ease I've copied the link below:-

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Derek said...

sounds like someone needs to justify their job to me!