Sunday, 17 March 2013

Our websites

For many years now we have run our website, blog and Facebook pages to keep our community and visitors up to date with what we do.

There has always been the official Coastguard site but it would be rare for us to get a mention, so as a group of volunteers we along with other teams around the Country we set up our own websites to promote what we really do in our communities.

Whilst we are Volunteers, we are part of a Government Agency so have to follow the rules and guidelines set down by the senior managers.
As mentioned yesterday there has been a change of thought on the media strategy and the Coastguard Agency want just one site to avoid confusion along with a Government policy change on the use of crests.

Thankfully we have always had a strict code of conduct on our own sites, including not naming casualties, not taking photos of people rescued and towing the party line.

Our blog and Facebook have actually been approved by the MCA but our website has not as its outside the guidelines of having one single site for reference.
We are currently looking at the opinions for the website as it has a lot of historic information which we know are used for research and educational needs.

The blog was set up to cover the building of the station in 2008/9 and it was YOUR request that the site was maintained so you could follow what we did following your support in the town.

Social media is an important tool to promote what we do but we want to ensure we follow the rules so stick with us whilst we make a few changes.

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