Sunday, 8 January 2012

What's been going on......?

It been a little busy up at the station over the last week.....

The main task has been the annual paperwork clearance, followed by bringing up to date all the teams record (CG13's).

Further interviews for the final team position were carried out and I'm pleased to say that in the coming weeks we shall be introducing you to the new team members.

We had some sad news....... Paul Brown who this week reached 20 years of service decided to step down from the team. Paul was very unique as he could say that he was a true volunteer as he would never take any payment from the Coastguard.
Many year's ago the team were called to a cliff injured at the base of cliffs at Anvil Point. I was treating the male and expecting the helicopter to arrive but suddenly told it had been diverted to another incident in the channel. The next thing I knew Paul was along side me with the stretcher and we were both trying to work out how to get this climber safely back to the top of the cliff. Just then out of no where the Royal Navy helicopter turned up and airlifted the male, Paul and I were never so relieved.
On behalf of the team we would like to thank Paul for his years of service and we know he will be staying in touch.

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