Sunday, 29 January 2012

Busy few hours.

The team were tasked to the Obelisk last night to assist South Western Ambulance with a male collapsed on the path. 'Alpha' team took the path from the bottom by the water works and had the difficult task of searching upwards. 'Bravo team' collected the Paramedics and had the slightly easier/warm approach in searching around the top.

For our new member Roger, it was a baptism of fire walking up the footpath at a pace however it was done rather well reaching the top with nothing found. Rescue 106 joined the search and using the FLIR camera located the group halfway between the Obelisk and Old Harry.

The male was transferred to the helicopter and flown to Poole, the group that had stopped to help the male were then transported to their cars in town as the incident had delayed their walk and darkness had fallen.

Later on just after midnight, the IRT were tasked to again assist South Western Ambulance in the town. A female had a back injury and with a narrow twisting staircase it was going to be difficult to transport her to a waiting ambulance. Coastguards are always up for a challenge and the transfer was completed safely.

It was then an early start as training was scheduled for a 9am start..... lets just say one or two members of "alpha" team did appear to be walking slowly.

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