Thursday, 12 January 2012

He's on his way back and he's got a couple of tasks

Another welcome visit to the station today by John who readers will know has been quite ill for about 18 months now.
The MCA have been very supportive in John's recovery and not rushing him to return to front line duties.
So now he is feeling a little better it was time to give him a couple of little jobs.....!!!

We have a lot of old photos in a good in a box and certainly no good when you do not know who the photo is of. So having served for 31 years John will go back and name who he can and put the photos in some sort of order.

Job number two, how do you mark 2012 and especially the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year.....?
We have lots of history going back to 1842......?
I wonder if over the years the team has been out on every day of the year......?
One of our new team members has provided a large diary.......

Bingo.....give John all the records, the diary and that's one amazing project.

"Every day of a year" a unique record of incidents on every day of the Coastguard year.

We will see how he gets on.

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