Friday, 20 January 2012

Training.....more like a bring and buy sale

Austen Chris and Roger harness training - Chris wondering what he's done joining the team

1st proper training session of the year and a chance for the new trainees to see the kit and fight over the one coat unclaimed in the lost property box.

In fact it was amazing what was found in some peoples kit boxes that had not seen the light of day for some years with a common phrase "Oh that's where it went" heard.

Then it was down to the main task of the evening and a form of assessment that the team didn't actually know they were doing (and still don't until they read this!)
Each team member should be able to identify a piece of equipment and explain its name, its uses, its safety points and its location in the vehicle.
1st question....the animal bag....colour....."Blue"......oh dear this is going to a long session - its
red ! Thankfully it improved after this but it gave Allan and I an idea of what and where we need to tackle.
Then on to the harnesses, and a fitting session to see who can fit into a "no 1" or a "no 2" - I guess its one of those moments when slimmers world becomes an option?

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