Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Triangulo de las Bermudas

‘Where’s the Bermuda Triangle?’ asked one of my work colleagues the other day.  I was going to give a fairly quick ‘ …um near Bermuda’ response but thought better of it as it was a genuine question.

Anyway it is located between the Bahamas, The Straits of Florida and well yes, Sherlock Holmes…the Island of Bermuda. sounds even more mysterious in Spanish.

Meanwhile I tried to calculate the exact location of the ‘Pen Triangle’.

This is a smaller triangle, which it is suggested, is located between the steering wheel of the rescue truck, the driver’s side door and the gear stick. No matter how many pens we put in the truck they always go AWOL. Readers you would not believe the amount of pens that disappear, hundreds. And yes we can write stuff.

Now some wag has suggested that Austen eats them, which is not true. Others that casualties swipe them, (I’m sure a diver with the bends is more worried about his own health than think it was a crafty opportunity to swipe a pen!) I like to blame the Lifeboat Crew; to be fair they never come anywhere near our truck but its always good to pin it on someone, so it might as well be them. Saying that Nick is never short of pens; and his name obviously fits too....must be him.

Anyway I bought four pens with key ring attachments down in town, I’m going to tie them all to the gear stick on a piece of elastic so they can't disappear into the Pen Triangle.  

Cheap and plastic 
Which reminds me.

....for Barry Manilow Fans, I knows you are going to like this.

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