Monday, 26 December 2011

The Christmas Cake connection

The other day my neighbour was busy in her kitchen creating her...well Christmas cake.....

Oddly it reminded me of several things.

1) This picture of an anti tank mine that two young chaps pulled out of "little sea" a few years ago.

2) It was soon to be Boxing Day and as in previous years the team have been out waiting for the EOD team to arrive to dispose of something someone had dug up!

Well thankfully Boxing day has passed and we have not been out, but I did see several people out this morning with new metal detectors which no doubt as their skills develop so the "finds" will increase.

So a little reminder.....

Be sure you have the landowners permission to use a metal detector - certain areas have a ban

If you find something and are not sure what it is...STOP.....and get advice.

DO NOT dig it up, DO NOT transport it to home or to a Police/Coastguard Station

Stay safe.....

As for the neighbours Christmas Cake ......EOD will be round on Thursday to carry out a control detonation....

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