Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Missing Person - found safe and well

The IRT assisted Dorset Police this afternoon in a search for a missing male from the town.

With the hours of daylight limited and the predicted weather forecast, the team deployed using defined search patterns - thankfully the male was located safe by Police Officers about 4 miles from his home.


As the bad weather continues perhaps we can remind readers to check on any vulnerable neighbours or relatives. Whilst we do not have snow and ice (yet) working with our Partner Agencies we encourage people just to help and support each other.
Perhaps check they have enough shopping - couple of extra tins of soup in the cupboard for example.
Check they are warm and not using heating appliances which are dangerous.
If they need to go out, perhaps you can help with a lift, strong winds can be dangerous with items blowing around in the street.

Helping each other helps us as Emergency Services and Partner Agencies help those at greatest risk.

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