Friday, 30 December 2011

999 is for emergencies only

Colleagues in South Western Ambulance released details this week of a call from a member of the public saying he had run out of toilet paper - not something an emergency service needs.

I've also heard of calls from people not happy with their Christmas presents this week.....

999 is for genuine emergencies, life at risk - persons in distress. Not for ordering a taxis, not ordering a pizza and not a form of directory enquiries....all have and are regular requests to the emergency services.

Perhaps people do not realise that the miss use of the 999 system can result in a fine, all calls are recorded and traceable. Its simple's some pointers

Serious Medical issue.......Ambulance
House on fire.....................Fire
Crime in progress.............Police
Person in distress at sea..Coastguard

All the services have an "non emergency number" if the incident is not urgent - use the system properly.

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