Saturday, 31 December 2011

The final scores for the year

To assist Allan our Sector Manager yesterday the final paperwork for the year was submitted so closing the 2011 book.

So unless anything happens today (31st) the statistics for the year are:

The second busiest year ever (after 2010's 165 incident) 2011 - 135 incidents.

The year saw some tragedy following two major searches but also an excellent result when the team found an elderly female on The Downs in very cold conditions.

1 EOD incident
5 incidents involving animals which is a good result compared with 2010.
68 Maritime incidents involving boats, swimmers etc.
4 Miscellaneous incident
4 Cliff Rescues
22 Medical related incidents
8 Investigations
23 Searches for missing persons.

The full team went out 18 times

The truck drove 2240 miles

The team put in 2071 recordable hours during the year

Sunday at 2pm remains the busiest time for us.

No figures are held for the amount of biscuits eaten.

I will take this opportunity to thank all the team for their professionalism throughout the year and thank you to all our readers, supporters and partners.

A Happy (and safe) New Year to you all.

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