Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Milestones

There are some dates that are historically significant when it comes to Christmas.

1884    The Great Christmas Frost Fair on the frozen River Thames
1843    The first Christmas card was sent.
1931    The Coca-Cola company ‘invent’ a red suited Santa Claus.
1983    The first truly commercial Christmas sees parents fighting in shops for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls.

And a new date for the archives:-

2011    The Great Swanage Sausage Roll Feast.

Due a communications mix up a truck load of sausages rolls turned up at the station for the last Kit Night of the year; strangely enough they had a short shelf life and needed eating.

The Swanage Team are always up for a challenge and saw the said sausages rolls off the premises in double quick time. Seven Coastguards put away over 120 sausage rolls (cocktail style) in under 90 minutes. For those of you interested in statistics this equates to 17 Sausage rolls each, or 15 inches each when measured end to end; the collective eating rate was 1 roll per officer every 5 minutes and 19 seconds. The graph below shows sausage rolls per officer, Gareth in Red, Austen in Green...not sure what Brian in Blue was up to?

Two tubes of Pringles provided ‘afters’.

After all those sausage rolls we have double checked the cliff rope specifications i.e. breaking strains. We remain within the ropes' safety tolerances …but only just.

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