Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Worrying trend ?

Yesterdays incident at Studland saw the total number of incidents for the team hit 122, so what you might ask?

Well the last time we hit that many incidents was in 2006 and 122 was the year end figure and was the busiest year the team had ever had.....2010 , 122 and still 4 months to go?

So whats going on?

For the last 7 years we have logged our incidents and there does not seem to be any pattern, some years the weather is bad and that might mean more or sometimes less incidents?

Did the ash cloud at the start of the year mean visitors are staying in the UK?

Is the economy having an effect?

Has stopping accident prevention patrols got anything to do with it?

The list goes on, what I do know is that the demand on team has been very high and as ever supported by family, friends and employers we have continued to provide the service to the community.

Note: Since this blog was published yesterday we have had another 4 jobs.

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