Monday, 23 August 2010

Wet wet wet

No not that rubbish Scottish band.

Last night 23:00 in the middle of the rainstorm over Swanage bang on cue the pager starts beeping at me. A call from the Ops Room and we have two ‘Mispers’ or missing persons who are on the cliffs somewhere.

They were reported as overdue from their walk from Weymouth to Swanage.

Time to get wet.

Got to station, already soaked, vehicle kitted up, waterproofs on, and torches out ready for action

Phone call from Ops Room, ‘Stand down stand down, they have been found’.

Phew! Neither Ian or I fancied being up on cliffs last night, and to be fair the weather was that bad that Ian was thinking twice about putting a full team out on the cliffs given the treacherous conditions. He was saying that he probably would if there was a risk to life. Still luckily it was a call that didn’t need to be made.

So we drove out to Durlston and made sure they were ok and then back to the station to dry off.

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