Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Punch and Judy

Rather than Punch and Judy on Swanage Beach, today it was the turn of the Eric and Nick show. It appears they were called out on three separate occasions to inflatables being blown off shore.

Scary stuff.

Sometimes they blow out to sea with no one on them, once found the Ops Room have to assume the worse and start looking for people. Only last year we had helicopter and lifeboats out for an inflatable killer whale off the Isle of Wight. The very next day exactly the same thing happened with an inflatable Crocodile. (...not Mr Punch's sausage eating crocodile)

Still its worse with kiddies in inflatable dinghies. Once the wind has got them they are off like a shot. Two minutes and kids find themselves a long way off shore.

A good idea is not to use them in an off shore wind or to tie a length of rope on the front and then tie it to a deckchair. An even better idea...get dad to hold the rope.

As Mr Punch would say "that's the way to do it...."


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