Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Rescue Rockett

'Rescue Rockett' rejoins the team today after a weekend away in a field somewhere. I think it was some music festival thing and he went along as his favourite band Girls Aloud were playing. Unfortunately he was unable to get an autograph due to the restraining order which bans him from approaching within 15 feet of them. It's a long story and I shouldn't go into the details on the coastguard blog but needless to say it wasn't entirely his fault, more a case of mistaken identity.

His welcome return will no doubt mean we are going to get a load of jobs. Austen was described by Ian as a large magnet (or words similar) as whenever he is on patrol the team get lots of jobs. So if you see him in the van watch out.... get out the sea or he'll rescue you just for fun.

Only the other day off duty he was helping in a road traffic collision (and no he didn't cause it).

During the day he can be found 'rescuing' Subway Sandwiches in town.

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