Sunday, 1 January 2017

That was 2016

As we enter 2017 , we reflect on 2016 and the incidents the team attended.

The team attended 120 incidents during the year, 26 of those incidents were of a serious nature due to the injuries or with the number of emergency services involved .

The incidents were at time very demanding and needed those involved to draw on all their training and skills to save life.

Sadly we saw an increase in the number or people who lost their lives along our coastal area and our thoughts are with those who they left behind.

We assisted with 5 incidents involving unexploded ordnance.

3 Incidents involving animals over the cliff.

7 Rope rescues.

30 incidents involving medical assistance or assisting the ambulance service.

20 searches for missing people including lost children on the shore line.

The remainder were maritime related, investigations and minor incidents.

2016 was the 4th busiest year in the last 16 years.

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