Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Donkey Award

At Swanage Coastguard we pride ourselves on high standards - we train at least two evenings a month and we get together another evening each month to go through our kit, clean and check it and make sure it's it tip top condition.

Occasionally things go wrong - not operationally nor safety critical items - but perhaps something on station that makes us wonder if the  person is perhaps doing it deliberately wrong in order to prove we can all make mistakes.

The best - or worst - offender gets the Donkey of the Year award and this year's winner was our Terry.  Rumour has it that he avoided the presentation evening last week so as to avoid the donkey,  but it doesn't work like that and we caught up with him after a callout the other day.

And his misdemeanour?  Well it's a bit of a secret, but Terry is a full-on cleaning addict and the incident stems from when he vacuumed out the truck ('CRV') one kit night. Let's just call it High-Speed Hoovering.

In other news, we are on the lookout for a replacement 'Henry Hoover' if anyone knows of one.

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