Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Second Best Blog in Purbeck - thanks for reading!

We found out this week that this very blog was voted runner up in the best blog in Purbeck competition.

To be honest we didn't know we were being entered, and we were judged in the category that promotes the area in which we live - which is good because whilst the blog is about life in the Coastguard team, it's pleasing to note that it's doing more than that.  In fact, its original purpose was to document the build of our new station in 2008/09, but more of that another time.

The winner was the Purbeck Footprints blog run by our good friend Julian Sawyer who runs the nature based photography, walks and talks business of the same name at the Old Stables. Well done Julian - good effort. He's got one of his talks on Friday evening if you're interested. 

More details on the other categories and winners here

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