Saturday, 28 January 2017

Cabin Cruiser secured in Bay

The team were just packing up from training on Thursday when they became alerted to a cabin cruiser moored in an unusual position off the boat park slipway with its navigation lights on but nobody on board.

Concerned that someone might have fallen in the water, the team first  boarded the boat to look for any occupants and then conducted a shoreline search. With nothing found, and with advice from the lifeboat cox and 2nd cox, extra mooring ropes were added to the boat to protect it against the incoming Easterly winds.
Using the registration number and name on the boat, the team were able identify the owner who confirmed he was safe and well.

The CG66 is an HM Coastguard registration form whereby owners can voluntarily register their boat details with the Coastguard in order that they can be contacted if the need arises. Google 'CG66 Scheme' and register yours now!

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