Saturday, 31 December 2016

Thank you to our community

Yesterday's incident at Anvil Point was a good example of the type of incident the team have dealt with in 2016.

We shall review the year in the next few days , but as the year comes to a close this would be a good time to say thank you.

Whilst officially there is a team of 12 Coastguard Rescue Officers , the whole team just doesn't operate without the families and friends of those volunteers.

You cannot sum up in words the support that goes on in the back ground when those pagers go off. The dinners that go cold or yet again that shopping trip gets postponed.

As volunteers we have to thank our employers who release us from work and in today's financial climate, that's hard.

Our colleagues from St Albans , kimmeridge , Poole and Southbourne who support us on larger type incidents.

The coxswain and crew of the Swanage Lifeboat along with the crew of Poole Lifeboat.

Colleagues from the other emergency services especially the Neighbourhood Policing Team from Swanage who seem to be there as the kettle goes on.

But as with our families , if it wasn't for our community of Swanage we couldn't do what we do.

Like on the night of a large search in the team the staff of the local coop provided us with milk to make hot drinks for all the searchers, - that's our community and a massive thank you to you all that have helped up provide a search and rescue capability in the area in 2016.

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