Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Team tasked to harbour entrance

Team members were working in the station when they heard on the radio of an incident at the entrance to Poole Harbour.

There was concern for someone who was going to enter the water near to the Haven Hotel.

With the tide on the ebb, the team declared to the NMOC they were available and were tasked immediately to attend the scene.

Poole RNLI ILB had launched and soon arrived getting the female out of the water. The Swanage Team arrived and kept a close eye on events from the Swanage side, until the Poole Coastguard team arrived.

The female was treated by ambulance crews.

Returning to Swanage the team then re attended the boat washed up on Saturday. Several more calls had been made to the Coastguard and they National Centre wanted to ensure it was the same boat.

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