Friday, 13 November 2015

As I was Going to St Ives

St Ives today, and another station on an industrial estate.   Apparently, until recently, the team here used to be based at the fire station at the end of the road, but the Fire Service got themselves a second fire engine and the coastguard moved out.

If you want to follow the team, they are on Twitter.

St Ives hair cut

And here’s an Occasional Blog Top Travel Tip if you’re going to St Ives.  Get the train from St Erth, it’s only a 13-minute journey, but it one of the most scenic branch lines you’ll ever travel, hugging the estuary and coastline all the way.  It only cost £8 for four of us, and we also managed to avoid the man with seven wives. Poor chap, all those cats and stuff.

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