Monday, 23 November 2015

Getting it Right

Yesterday's rope rescue training session was important because we haven't had  a 'cliff job' for a few weeks now.  Whilst that's good in one way (no-one wants to hear of people in distress or danger!), it does however mean that we need to keep training, and working hard, to keep our skill levels up.

The SCOO and OIC discuss an 'accompanied descent' with the cliff technician

The Cliff Technician - our very own Station Officer - checks his kit, and adds an alpine butterfly knot into the system to create a safety attachment point for the colleague he'll be taking over the cliff with him

At the cliff top, the team of Rope Rescue Operators double-check the line control system is rigged correctly before the technician is deployed.

Everything we do has to be done safely, and whether training or for real, there will be a number of checks and double checks before an operation can commence and whilst it is in progress.  The kit is also checked as we put it away, so we know it is safe for the next time.

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