Sunday, 8 November 2015

Nearly Cut Off

Yesterday evening, whilst attending to a small boat that had been washed up earlier in the day, the team became concerned for the safety of a couple of walkers they could see up by the chalk pyramid at north end of the bay.
Whilst the couple were in no immediate danger, it was clear that their route back would shortly be cut off by the rising tide.  Swanage NCI, based at the Peveril Point look-out, used their high power binoculars to monitor the walkers whilst coastguards kept the NMOC briefed in case the ILB was required for evacuation.

In the end, the couple made it back safely, although it was a good thing they both had wellies on as they got their feet wet at times.  Afterwards, the walkers said they thought the tide had been falling whereas it was in fact still coming in.

There are plenty of websites with tide times on, so there's no excuse for not knowing- or get yourself a tide table!

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