Thursday, 12 November 2015

Occasional Blog's Occasional Series is Back

The latest Cornwall Coastguard Station to feature is Newquay, which is based on the edge of the town in a fairly nondescript unit on an industrial estate.

I asked the harbourmaster where the station was based but he didn’t know.  It’s a pity his colleague wasn’t on duty that day, as he told me that his mate is actually one of the coastguard team, but it was his day off (from the harbourmaster job – not from the CG – he’d still have had his pager with him no doubt!)

No-one was about at the Coastguard Station, so here’s a bit of background on their website.
Newquay CRE took some tracking down - no-one seemed to know where it was

Back at the harbour, the RNLI have a station with two RIBs – an Atlantic and a D-class – and there’s a small seamen’s mission next door.

Sorry, there’ll be no update until tomorrow afternoon, I am having my hair cut.  But where will it be…? (the next station, not my haircut).

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