Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Worth the Weight?

Nick and Lee took the MRU down to be weighed today as the laws concerning drivers towing trailers have changed recently.  Basically, what an individual is allowed to tow will vary according to vehicle / trailer weight and when the licence was issued, and with newer team members coming on board its always good to know who can do what.

Plus, its good practise anyway to know the vehicle weights anyway - and an empty Nissan Navarra pick up is a different story from one like ours with a SnugTop roof, all our rope rescue equipment, water rescue equipment, stretcher, metal stakes, first aid equipment, a tankful of diesel and upto five CG rescue officers on board with all their lifejackets, helmets, biscuits, crisps and so on.  Oh, and Jaffa Cakes, if Brian's on the shout.  Add to that a trailer loaded with the emergency lighting, a generator to power the lights, more metal stakes, sledgehammers, petrol winch, bags of 250m-long rope and it all starts to add up.

Swanage doesn't have a public weighbridge, so many thanks to the guys at Ideal Skip Hire who kindly allowed us to use theirs.


Anonymous said...

What was the weight, are you a HGV?

Occasional Blog said...

We're definitely not in the HGV category, well not unless some of the bigger built team members are driving!