Friday, 4 January 2013

Figures for 2012

It all got a bit busy at the end of 2012 which complicated the final statistics for the year.

Incidents were down again which is good news, this partly down to the weather at the start of the year.

The final incident count for the team was 106 incidents which breaks down as:

2 EOD incidents ( unexploded ordnance )
3 Animal Rescues
50 Maritime incidents
5 Cliff Rescues
14 Medical Incidents
4 Investigations
15 Searches for missing people
13 Other incidents

The Coastguard MRU (vehicle) drove 2227 miles

2251 hours put in by the volunteer team members

August was the busiest month with 36 call outs, the next busiest was December with 12

Sunday at 2pm still remains the team's busiest callout time. Wednesday remains the quietest day.

Biscuits Eaten: Classified

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