Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Beau survives 90ft fall from Old Harry

This is Beau, safely returned to her owners by Coastguards and ILB crew at South Beach Studland this morning.
The one year spaniel was out walking with her owners at Old Harry Rocks when she shot off to chase the sea gulls and fell over the cliff.
Thankfully the tide was in and she fell the 90ft into the water and was spotted by a local fishing boat.
Swanage ILB was launched and the Coastguard IRT dispatched to meet the owner on the cliff top.
A well practised routine swung into action with the ILB crew picking the dog up, the Coastguard picking the owners up and all were reunited at Joe's Cafe over a nice mug of tea.
With many people out enjoying the sunshine, please keep dogs on leads near the cliff.

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