Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Climbers, Climbing Kit and Rock Shoes

We had a busy training session tonight when we were joined by our colleagues from St Albans.

 The main topic was led by John Norman, one of the Ops Room chaps and was a discussion on climbers, climbing techniques and climbing equipment so we are better placed to deal with these kinds of incidents as and when we need to.  John's an experienced climber himself and he brought lots of kit for us to look at and get a feel for.  Sadly, Roger took quite a shine for these yellow rock shoes and we couldnt get them off him.  Well, not the left one, he definitely liked the left one.

Prior to that we had done a refresher on some first aid basics - in this case a simulated spinal injury, including fitting a neck collar, transferring to a stretcher etc.

All in all a very useful couple of hours.  Our thanks to John for coming down and good to train with St Albans too and see some of the guys we don't see very often.

One quick check before we all go home and, oh hang on... yes...there's Roger still with his favourite shoe on.  Gotta give it back Roger.

1 comment:

John B said...

May be Rodger was pretending to be Cinderella,it fits, it fits!!!
Just got to find my Prince.
Oh I think the s.o free!! oh yes he is!