Saturday, 12 January 2013

Today's patrol

Whilst we call taking the truck out a patrol, the importance of going out is to ensure the vehicle is tested and run in preparation of an emergency.

With the weather going down hill the 1st call was the chain ferry at Studland which had closed this morning due to the high tide and weather.

A few people were braving the weather on Studland beach and then to Middle Beach cafe for a cuppa. We then had to check the track out to Old Harry as it was closed over Christmas due to a landslide. A new gate has been installed and fencing near the Landslip has been improved however the mud was deep so we went no further.

Back to Swanage and we went down to check the slide. We were pleased that people were keeping clear helped by the very low tide. With the rain it's again washing stuff down.

Then finally back to the station to wash the truck down.

Several weather warnings are in place with warnings of rain, sleet and ice.

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